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"I've known Liz for years. She's amazing!" DV, Toronto Canada

Liz Dauw,
Real Estate Agent,
Licensed Broker
serving Portland, Oregon
Vancouver, Washington
Metro areas

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Liz C Real Estate Services, Portland OR,
Realty Pro West, Vancouver WA

About Liz Dauw

Top Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Liz Dauw
to be Your Real Estate Agent!

1) I'm personable, knowledgeable, diligent, detail oriented, and fun.  
In real estate transactions, there are a lot of T's to cross and I's to dot, which is why I'm here.  First you tell me what you want and need, and together we plan a timeline.  Then  I work hard to ensure your real estate transaction goes as smoothly as possible.  I am available 7 days a week, and I never leave you hanging. Meanwhile, you  get to enjoy the adventure, although I will have to bother you  for a few decisions and signatures.   

2) I excel at customer service.   (But if you read statement number 1, you knew that already, didn't you?)
How did I get so good at customer service?  In my previous work life, I took care of 50+ website clients, and over 300 real estate investors, cumulatively, for about  20 years.  And btw, speaking of websites...

3) In terms of internet marketing, I am MILES  ahead of most other real estate agents.  
I used to own a website design and marketing company, and I personally marketed  all  my clients' websites. (Did I mention great customer service?)  In today's market, where a whopping 94% of all real estate transactions - both buying and selling - begin online, you really do want someone with my marketing savvy on your team.

4) Been there, done that.  Let's do it again!
As a home buyer, home seller,  and real estate investor, I understand what it's like to buy your new home, sell your current home, buy and manage investment property, flip a house, and 1031 that 4plex into something larger. 

5) I have access to hundreds of bank-owned properties in Multnomah, Washington, Yamhill, Clackamas, Clark and Cowlitz County.

6) I live by integrity. 
Meet me. Talk to me.  See for yourself.  503-880-5561.


10+ years real estate investing experience with MF (multifamily) and SF (single family) housing

12+ years experience as founder, president, owner of Smart Site Design, a website and internet marketing company

20+ years experience teaching, consulting, and training. ( How does this help you? See number one)

40+ years experience being a fun, creative, persistent geek

Secretary of the Board of Directors for NWREIA North West Real Estate Investors Association

Real Estate Mentors include:

  • David Lindahl, Multifamily / Commercial
  • Anthony Chara, Multifamily / Commercial
  • Scott Meyers, Self Storage
  • Wendy Patton, Lease Options
  • Larry Goins, Lease Options
  • Robyn Thompson, Rehabbing and Marketing
  • Ron LeGrande, Real Estate Investing
  • Robert Shemin, Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building
  • Carissa Cawley, Real Estate made easy
  • Roger Dawson, Negotiations
  • and many more!